As I did explain in this post in October 2021, I did start to publish a small music playlist every month that I call mixtapes. The idea is inspired by the cassette mixtapes that we all did record in the ’80s, and ignited by the radiolab series on Mixtapes

Every song for every person has a small story. They deeply touch us sometimes, and it is nice to share those stories with anyone who wants to listen. I create a blog entry for every mixtape (see the list below). There I explain why I did include every song and why are they important to me.

mixtape cover Every mixtape will have a cover that will tell inform you about its release date. They will all have the same basic design. That will help to identify them in the library. Unfortunately, not all music services allow this customization, but when possible, I’ll add it. I will also add my nickname at the end. I suggest you do the same so we can distinguish them in a list.

mixtape all times cover If you want them all in the same place, there will also be a playlist called “All Times”. This one will contain all other playlists. Take into account that this one will grow every month. The design of its cover will also be different to allow for better identification in the library.

Notice that I do not care about styles, tendencies or any other category. For me, it is just music that I enjoy. So expect to find a mix of all genres from musicians from all over the world. None excluded.

In my case, the idea is not only to recover old songs. It is to discover new ones and especially learn about what has been happening in the last 20 years of music. I missed that time because I was busy working and raising a family, and now I would like to pause a little bit and enjoy digging into it.

Do not hesitate to share your mixtapes. I’ll be delighted to listen to them.

But I am thinking? What is the best way to share them? I’m looking for ideas. If you have any drop me an e-mail or tell me on twitter.

I did start to publish only in Apple Music, but some friends requested other services, so I did expand the offer:

Next, you will find the list of blog entries that I have so far. In there, you will find links to every individual mixtape: