Myron Marston, Ian Dees - Effective testing with RSpec3

less than 1 minute read

Since I’m recovering my Ruby and I want to develop everything with TDD, I thought it was time to get acquainted with this technology and start using it for real. I got the book (ebook as always) and jumped on it immediately.

I love the way the book is built. I have not read it entirely, but I read the part I and II. In these to part the cover most of the features of the tool and, especially in the second part I build a web app from top to bottom with RSpec. From part III on it goes deep into the details, so I stop there, and I will retake when I start working on a ruby project to get the most of it.

I liked too much that I searched for something similar on Swift, and I found a port of it called Quick. I have started my new project Owl with it, and I’m thrilled. I’ll put it on my list of “interesting projects to participate on.”