Sandro Mancuso - The Software Craftsman

less than 1 minute read

When I was driving the “85% Podcast”, I had a section called “El programador de élite” (The Elite Developer) that was aligned with all the things this book is about. Of course, I cover much less material in the podcast, but I feel that the book explains very well what I was trying to say there.

What I love about the book is that it talks about other more complicated issues (like Pride) exquisitely and directly. After every chapter of the book, I felt like I needed to get back on 85% Cocoa, or start a new project in Github, or do a paring session in a language that I do not know at all…. It was so inspiring that I feel full of “software” energy for the rest of the year.

I bought it in digital form, but I think this is the kind of book that you should continuously read to get inspiration and energy whenever you run out of it.