2022 goals

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I like to plan a bit the personal goals for the year. It is more a guide than a plan, meaning if I do not achieve some topics, I won’t feel bad. But, since all those topics make me happy, I’ll do the best I can to do them. I’ll be pretty happy if I achieve 80% of what I include in the list here.

I do not want to put a ton of pressure on myself, so they are intentionally vague. Also, I did not include measurables (except for reading), but I’ll evaluate them at the end of the year to check if I feel happy with my efforts.

This plan does not include goals involving other persons like my family or friend. They are mainly professional and hobby related.


I love learning, exploring and sharing my findings with colleagues and friends, so my education is essential. Planning what I’ll focus on is always exciting, and I need to refrain from adding too much stuff!


This includes physical and audiobooks. For this year, I have settled on the following minimum:

  • I will read him 12 books that we choose together with Pau. One every month.
  • I will read four graphic novels that Pau suggests. One per trimester.
  • I will read four technical books. One per trimester.
  • I will read four books in French. One per trimester.

And I’ll read many other things, but I’ll leave that open to new discoveries and my “to read” list.


This one is easy. I want to recover my basic knowledge of how to do podcasting. In the past, I was podcasting habitually, but now I do not remember how to do it efficiently. The goal is to set up the tools and get acquainted with a new tool: Logic Pro. I already have the license and a course to follow along. It is just a matter of doing it!


  • Sight reading. I want to learn to sight-read at the piano. It will be slow and painful, but I’ll do my best to have fun in the process. This is a 5 years goal starts this year, so I’ll take it slowly but relentlessly.
  • Music Theory. I know already a lot since I went to music school several years, but I just want to solidify some concepts that I miss and advance a bit on others. I also have a course to follow that will help me revisit ideas and go deep into others.


  • Pixelmator Pro. I knew how to use Pixelmator, but I’m a bit lost with this new version. I’ll tackle it by watching a couple of tutorials a week. At the end of the year, I’ll be able to use it confidently.


  • Fasting. More than a goal, it continues the work done in the last 3 years. I’ll keep doing 16/8 every day and 48h every trimester.
  • Diet. More than a goal, it continues the work done in the last 3 years. I’ll keep doing low carbs with less restriction over the weekends. That works very well for me.
  • Sports. Last year I did run >1200Km. The goal for this year is to do better and, if possible, go up to the 2k!.


Honing my professional skills.

“New” Programming language

In 2004 I was developing internal tools for Lear Corporation in Java. I remember enjoying the experience quite a lot, but I haven’t touched it since then. Last year was Python, and it did work very well, so I’ll do the same with Java this year. I’ll study the language, create my own notes, participate in some open source projects or create some of my libraries. I will use JetBrain Academy since it was a success last year.

Deepen my knowledge of Software Architecture.

I love software architecture. A couple of years ago, I read some books on the topic more focused on iOS, but now I want to cover a broader range of architectures.

iOS new app

I need to help my son Pau to cope with his dyslexia. One action will be to develop an app to allow him to manage a massive library of audio snippets and manage learning sessions.

Blog refresh

I love to blog, but I never managed to do it consistently, mostly because I wasn’t feeling comfortable with my blog and because I did not have a process in place. The goal is to create that process and refresh my blog to reflect my personality more.