A new beginning to my blog

1 minute read

Reviving my blog was planned since the beginning of the year, but was always postponed for more “important matters.” But finally, after taking some days off from work, I have managed to set it up. It wasn’t easy, though. I had to migrate to the latest version of Jekyll, and on doing so, I played a bit with my ruby installation. As a result, I broke tmuxinator and other things. What was supposed to take a couple of hours took around six. And I was not done yet. As always, it took the opportunity to document the process. I took notes of all the steps and the final result of all my actions. And all that when into my knowledge base.

My approach to blogging is straightforward. I want to share things in a single place of my own. I am not fond of social networks very much. Instead, I enjoy reading blogs and knowing the persons behind those blogs. I also love audio and video sources, especially when they come from individuals sharing their experiences. That said, I need to share things as well. I like talking and writing, but I do not have many opportunities. Because I work alone at home, talking is challenging, and regarding writing, well, like everyone, I have to force myself a bit. This year was long and very interesting, and I reached a point of stability. Just enough so that I can include in my schedule a bit of time for proper writing and sharing.

During the year, I have been writing in my diary with pen and paper. But that is another thing entirely. It is instrumental in reflecting on the day, but it is not sharing. This personal blog is all about sharing. And I have to confess that I am thinking about trying some other ways of sharing. But first, I want to get this stable enough before jumping to add more sources.

Also, this will be my last attempt to establish my blogging habits. I will give it six months to percolate and be a part of my life. Otherwise, I will stop and focus on other things.