Book reading on 2021 and planning for 2022

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Last year was excellent in terms of reading. I did manage to go beyond my initial challenge, and I read many different books. But my most significant achievement was that I did start reading books in French, the language that I’m learning. More precisely, I read two novels and two graphic novels in my neighbours’ language.

Like every year, I did reread several books. I tend to get some of the best books of the previous years and reread them. In 2021 I did so with six books.

Highlights on 2021

I hope to have something similar in my blog soon, but for now, looking at the beautiful view provided by GoodReads, I can see some books that were special over the year:

book cover

Programming IOS 14 by Matt Neuburg This book made me remember technical books could be lovely too. I read it in physical format, and it is massive, but as soon as I read the first chapter about views, I was hooked, and I invested countless hours in reading it thoroughly.

book cover

The Phoenix Project A novel about the product and team development, what can be better! The latest book of the year was one of the best, and I did an extensive review of this book.

book cover

The longest race A running story beautifully told. If you like running you will enjoy this one.

book cover

Vers la beaute My first book in French. I thought it would be hard for me to read in French, but this book made it easy. I couldn’t put it down. I did create about one hundred flashcards while reading it.

But not everything was great. There was a couple of books that I was expecting more from them.

book cover

The Case for Keto After reading all other books from the author and finding them great, I expected more from this. But, somehow, it was more of the same. It is not that the book was bad; it is simply didn’t help me.

book cover

Agile Done Right I just thought that I didn’t even remember the details of this book. I got nothing from it.

What about 2022?

Since the result last year was so good, I will increase the challenge for this year by going to 42 books. It is a nice number. But this time, I have created a project (in Things) with a basic plan to try new things. Since we are reading together with Pau, my 12-year-old son, I want to formalize what I’m reading with him. So, in that project, I did add the following:

  • I will read him 12 books that we choose together. One every month.
  • I will read four graphic novels that he suggests. One per trimester.
  • I will read four technical books. One per trimester.
  • I will read four books in French. One per trimester.

The rest of the books to achieve the goal will be things that I find exciting, and I’m sure will relate to nutrition, ultra-learning, psychology, running, and maybe some music. As per the last years, I’ll keep using GoodRead to trace my books, but everything will be in my blog.

If you are curious about my reading process have a look at On reading books.