David Thomas Andrew Hunt, The pragmatic Programmer 20th edition

1 minute read

If you are a software developer, just read it and enjoy it. This kind of books reminds you of how cool is our profession.

I wanted to read this book a long time ago. It was exactly what I expected. I already know and apply most of the concepts in the book. I learned all of it by my self or by reading other books. Anyway, the books is a pleasure to read, and It will be one of the books that I will recommend to any new developers. Senior developers will not benefit from it if they are the kind of people to embrace new ideas and try them by yourself.

The one thing that I refresh with this book is the strategy to estimate everything you do. I was doing that in the past, but mistakingly, I did stop doing that. Thanks to this book, I did start doing that again. And it is fun to realize how bad I am doing estimation on my work. Whenever I have to start something, I add an estimate on my daily log and revisit the time when done with it. I do it properly for code reviews or documentation work, but poorly for coding tasks.

[1] The pragmatic Programmer 20th edition on GoodReads