Marathon training: Week 2/18

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This week wasn’t perfect, but I had some learning experiences. I did suffer a lot in the short run. Due to family events, I didn’t manage to go running for three days but two, then I decided to increase the length of the short runs, but I failed. I was suffering a lot. The high temperature (around 30 degrees) and the stress at work did not help.

The happy note was the long run. I did it with no issues; even though I could not run in the morning and was a bit tired, I enjoyed those 14 Km.

On Sunday, I felt a bit of pain in the calcaneus bone in my right foot. I’ll monitor that next week to see how it responds to the continuous training. It is dangerous since it is not muscle but bone. Notice also that I’m doing all the activities with the “Vibram 5 fingers”.

This was the plan:

The plan from Higdon site

And what I did (From “”)

The summary fron Runalyze

I’m still happy with the progress!

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