Michael P Nichols PhD, The lost art of listening

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When I got the book, I was thinking of how someone could write a three hundred pages book about how to listen. I sounded weird, but I was interested in the topic, so I got the book. After reading “Voice Lessons for Parents,” this book seems like the perfect complement to improve in that arena. Now I can say that the book delivers.

My interest in this topic is the goal of improving my relationship with everyone around me, but especially with Julia and Pau. I want to be the best possible parent to both of them, so learning all communication mechanisms is the essential toolset for the job.

The book covers tons of scenarios, from work to family. But it does not include only the listening part but communication in general and even more the relationship that derives from those communications.

It is a bit slow, and some may say a bit repetitive at times, but I did enjoy it, and I think I learned several interesting techniques to apply. Now I just need to practice.

[1] The lost art of listening on GoodReads