Mixtape 2021-10

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Hello everyone, as promised in my previous post, here is the mixtape for October. This one is a bit special because I could choose among the discoveries I’ve made during the year. I just included six songs, and they are all super cool. Here is what you can find.

  • Tricot, “Summer Night Town”. This song was a great discovery while investigating the Math Rock genre. It is by far my favourite song of the year so far. They all sign there. The guitar riffs and the changes are incredible. Learn more here tricot.
  • Noah Guthirie, “Stay With Me”. I leant about Noah thanks to a guitar player that I follow on Youtube (Note, I only follow five channels there). I like his voice and how his records sound. Learn more here Noah Guthrie
  • Jessy Wilson, “Clap Your Hands”. I learn about her from the same Youtube Channel. The guitar in this track sounds kind of broken, and I like that. Learn more here Jessy Wilson.
  • Savages, “She will”. I like songs with power riffs, and this one hits you in the face from the beginning with a raw, echoed guitar. Learn more here Savages.
  • RadioHead, “Talk Show Host”. This is a classic for me. Radiohead is one of my favourites bands, and this track is one represents very well the band. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. Learn more here Radiohead Public Library.
  • B.o.B, “Magic”. It is just fun to listen to this one. I discover it watching the movie “Pitch Perfect”.

Find it in here: ‎Mixtape 2021-10 by Jose Lobato on Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube Music

I hope you like it!

PD: If you want to know what is this mixtape thing all about you can read about it here.