Mixtape 2021-12

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I have no explanation, but December is a sad month for me. I guess there are many things in this month that I do not enjoy. That is why this list will be a bit slow and gloomy. Not all of it, though. At the end of it, I did add a bit of upbeat happiness.

“Lying to You” by Keaton Henson

The lyrics on this song are so sad that I had to listen to them several times to understand what was going on. I’m afraid that it describes the position that many people find themself in. The author, Mr Keaton Hanson, is a unique character. He is so introverted that he mostly doesn’t do live shows, which is rare in a musician.

There is silence and a different melody at the song’s end for around a minute. I did found not an explanation for it.

“Let it Lie” by The Bros. Landreth

The raw guitar and the silky voice of the signer complement to create a beautiful and familiar melody. Nothing really new on this one. It is a song about a couple that doesn’t work, but it is nice. That song belongs to the first album of this two brothers band.

“When I’m with you (feat. Noah Guthrie)” by We Three

The second time that Noah Guthrie has entered the Mixtape. I guess I like his style. But this time, it is not his song, and he is not playing alone. The song is a beautiful love song with double voices that sound great together. About the band, I do not know much. They are from Oregon and semi-finalists on America’s Got Talent.

“Peer Pressure (feat. Julia Michaels)” by James Bay

Although I loved Bay’s first album, I’m not much into his latest work. But this song is sweet. If you like this one, I recommend listening to his first album. It is definitely a masterpiece. I like how the music grows from a minor guitar riff to a big end. At 56 seconds into the song, my favourite moment enters with the drums and Julia’s voice. Notice how the song changes for the better.

“Effortless” by Sabina Ddumba

This tune makes me happy. I enjoy its initial simplicity and the voice that perfectly matches the drums. I think the composer uses the essential components to transmit a straight message, and it accomplishes it well. It is the kind of song that makes you move and do things. Ms Ddumba is a Swedish singer that had worked for many other artists before his work appeared in this album.

I first heard this song in a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode years ago.

“Merry & Happy” by TWICE

Here you have the touch of Xmas. My daughter Julia was playing this song last year all the time while we were setting up the Xmas tree. I hope it brings you something different since it is in Japanese. Unfortunately, I understand nothing, but it sounds friendly and funny.

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