Mixtape 2022-01

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Welcome back!

This month mixtape is like the way I want 2022 to go, an eclectic mix! It was straightforward to set up because the investigation over Xmas was great, discovering all kinds of jewels in the way. Here I offer you six of those, probably the ones I did enjoy the most lately. I want to thank Julia Lobato for her being around listening to music that I do not dare to discover!

“Spark Joy” by Special others

I can’t stop listening to this beauty. It is a happy song that makes me smile and dance simultaneously. Like every song from this folks, the mix of the keyboard and the slightly distorted guitar is stellar. Curiously this one is their last release.

I love the video clip of them just playing the tune like they were practising in the recording studio.

“Orange” by AKAIKO-EN

I’m new to this band. I just found this song in a J-POP playlist, and I liked it very much. Mostly the guitar riff and the chord progression call my attention. There is also an excellent video clip of this tune here.

I’ll be investigating more, but something happened to the guitar player.

“Waterslide” by Chon

This is another happy song but a completely different style. I’m very much into math rock, and in my opinion, Chon fits the bill in the genre. It is crazy how well that guitar sounds. I also find mad the drummer in this song. There is a video clip of this song, but I prefer to see bands live.

I’m sure Chon will appear again in other mixtapes!

Ok, from here, the mixtape is entirely driven by my daughter Julia. Of course, she being a teenager, is listening to much more music than me, and I’m always sneaking in what she is up to on the music streaming app. I can also see how her musical taste evolves as she discovers new things. I caught up on the fly the following three songs as she listened and sang around and found them excellent.

“Rock with you” by SEVENTEEN

It sounds pure K-POP to me, but I’m not a “K-POPPER”, so I could be wrong. Anyway, the song is very cool, and it makes me dance; in fact, I just did it before writing this text.

Despite the name, they are 13 singing and dancing. You can see them live in this video. I do not like this kind of band that they never play instruments live but, hey! They dance very well!

“Are you satisfied?” by Marina and The Diamonds

I was writing an article and heard Julia listening to this tune, and the chorus caught my attention “It is a problem…”. Like many others songs, I knew nothing bout the music or the artist. So I went online and searched for it. I was a bit disappointed when I saw this live video. I was expecting a Madonna-style show, but neither the singing nor the scene was at that level. But the song is excellent.

“30/90” from the “tick, tick… BOOM!” Soundtrack

Julia was crying after she first watched this movie. She managed to make the whole family watch the film, and we did listen to the soundtrack many times. This song is very good. Go and watch the movie you won’t be disappointed.

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That is all folks! Happy 2022!