Mixtape 2022-03

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Hello, Hello!

This month has been a bit difficult for me. Well, not really difficult, let’s say busy instead. Many things to do and many things going on in the family. I guess it is the result of having two teens at home. Despite that, I did manage to get some time to listen to music and make some exciting discoveries. I’m especially happy for one of them that I’m sure will bring new musical joy to my library!

“My Dear Friend” by Curly Giraffe

I love “Special Other”, so I came across this one while looking for a similar band. It seems like it is not a band but a single person. The artist is unknown to me, and all the information I find on the Internet is in Japanese! The artist is called Key Takakuwa, a former member of Great3.

The song is a lovely pop experience. In there, I like his voice and the bass guitar.

“All the same” by Jyocho

This is another Pop song, but this one is more technical; in fact, the genre is “progressive Pop”, again from Japan. I’m lately discovering many things from Japan. Jyocho is not a new group either; they have played together since 2005. It contains an excellent guitar composition and impressive playing.

“Don’t teach me” by Ailee

Some K-Pop. Amy Lee (Ailee) is an American K-Pop signer. I’m lately enjoying listening to this kind of music; well arranged and many different instruments. In my opinion, the K-Pop movement is a creative source at the moment.

“Ancient Mars” by The Zolas

The Zolas is a Canadian Indie Rock band. They have been playing together since 2009. This one is not one of his more known tunes, but I relax while listening to this one. It is simple and beautiful.

If you like this kind of music, go to the “The Vida Festival”. This kind of music reminds me of the afternoons at that festival.

“Always Right, Never Left” by tide/edit

Interesting, this month’s math rock band is for Manila (Philippines) with a peculiar name. The song is a short composition worth listening to.

“The Outdoor Type” by The Lemonheads

The classic this month is one of my Indie favourite of all time. I remember buying this album when I was studying in the UK and listening to it every day. At some point did learn “The Outdoor Type” on the guitar; I still play it now and then.

In fact, my son Pau says that my version is better than the original ;-)

It is a beautiful tune with interesting lyrics like all compositions from them.

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