Mixtape 2022-04

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Here we go again with a new eclectic mixtape. Remember that there is no rules here. I’m not trying to make some great mixtape or to do something coherent; instead, I’m just reporting on things that I found interesting or enjoyable over the month.

This month we have music from Japan, Canada, UK and EEUU.


There is a specific reason, but I end up with some Japanese musicians almost every month. I think it is because of the way they record the voices. They sound clean and natural with very little processing, and I like that.

I have a problem when I search for more information on those artists. On many occasions, their website is only in Japanese. I understand that, but it makes me use internet translation to know a bit about the artist. That is what happened with Yuuri. He is a young artist with a powerful voice that started his career a couple of years ago. I did enjoy some of his songs over the last two months. I’m still not used to the sound of the Japanese language in music. It sounds funny to me, but I’ll get there.

“Nanndemonaiyo” Macaroni Empitsu

A band with a curious name: “Macaroni pencil”. They have been together since 2012 when the band was formed while all its members were still at music school. The song’s start calls my attention with a lovely piano and voice, and it is a happy sounding tune that makes me move.

“Citrus” by Da-iCE

A bit of J-POP here. As I already said in the first song, I love the voices. I did find a video where they perform that song, and they sound perfect. Unfortunately, they do not play the music there. I also feel that the mix is not balanced, emphasizing the voices and less on the music.

“She’s all I wanna be” by Tate McRae

This is just a nice pop from Canada. I think I did hear this song. I’m not much into pop in general, so when I looked for information about the artist, I realized that she is already very famous since 2017 when at 13 years old, she won a reality TV show. She may be just a commercial product, it looks like the pop industry works like that, but I do not care. I enjoy some pop songs now and then.

“Everything but you” by Clear Bandit

And this is Dance music! I met Clear Bandit in 2015 with their song “Rather Be”, a lovely one. Then some weak ago, they show off on my searches with this song, a good dance tune with a great voice. I could say the same thing here. I’m not into dance music, but I enjoy some.

“Hayloft” by Mother Mother

Wow, this is different. The first time I listened to this song, the initial guitar riff called my attention, but just after the girl’s voice and the crazy lyrics. It is a great song, but I would not dare to clarify this one.

“What It Takes” by Adelitas Way

I didn’t know that “post-grunge” was a thing, but that is how Wikipedia classified Adelina’s. I love rock and metal, and this one has all the ingredients of good rock.

I recently discovered this band, formerly called DeJesus (the name of his singer). It was fun to read on Wikipedia why the band is named like that. A crazy story in Tijuana, Mexico.

And that is all for April.

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