Piano challenge, January

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So far, so good. I did manage to put in more than 1500 minutes into Piano Marvel and quickly advance on the easy levels. I finish levels one and two and started Level 3, where I hit my real level. I’m still learning the score by memory, so I’ll start with Sight Reading Factory next month. But for now, I’m thrilled with the commitment and the results. I’m on schedule. The goal from now on is to do a trophy every two weeks. That is challenging since every trophy had a couple of challenging scores.

One thing that I added is that I’ll learn a song every month to start growing a bit of repertoire. The first ones will be easy but, hey! I’m leaning!

I did also started a personal music journal where I record all the things music-related. I will include there a video of the month song. That way, I’ll be able to recall my progress in the future. I also decided to share this video in my weblog. So, here it is.