Piano Challenge, March

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Late, but here I am. In March I made a huge mistake. I decided to learn a classic score from J.S.Bach. Initially, It looked pretty repetitive and achievable, but I was wrong. It was hard. After some weeks practicing every day, I could only play half of it and at half of the target speed. So, I dropped it. Also, Piano Marvel level 3A was pretty demanding, and I had to push myself to the limit to achieve. I ended up playing for more than 1800 minutes during March. After that, I was so tired that I decided to take one week off. During this week, I played for fun, no to learn anything.

In the beginning, I thought not to publish anything for March, but finally, but last week I learned this tune on Piano Marvel and thought that It is so beautiful that It deserves a place in the music video blog. In the background, you can listen to Pau playing Apple Arcade in the background. That is a result of the confinement we are living in.