Reed Hastings, Erin Meyer, “No Rules Rules“ (★★★★★)

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book cover I’m lucky this year; almost all the books I have read until now are close to excellent. This one has been probably the best. The book talks about the culture at Netflix. It is perhaps more helpful for a manager and executive, but I did note a couple of topics that I consider very interesting.

The first one is giving and receiving feedback. I know that it is essential, but the text let me see that it is more than necessary; it is the best way to develop your skill inside your working environment. From now on, I will ask for more candid feedback right away.

The other is the keeper test. I will try as well to apply that. I’m sure it will sound weird to my managers, but with a previous explanation, It could be beneficial.

A fun fact is that the last part of the book directly uses the techniques that I learned from the previous book that I read, “The culture Map”. That was nice indeed.

After reading this one, I have decided that the next book will re-read radical candor. I read it some years ago, and I feel like now I’ll take more from it. So, that will come next!

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