About text automation

7 minute read

This post includes an audio version. If you prefer that you can listen here or on the JAL Audioblog Podcast Sorry Your browser does not support the aud...

My first python package

1 minute read

Last year I did learn a new programming language: Python. I wanted to try the JetBrains Academy (JBA) while looking for new ways to learn, and it did work. I...

Software as specification

9 minute read

In my 20+ years of career, I did work with many companies, and almost everyone had different ways to handle specifications.

Rene Cacheaux, Advanced iOS App Architecture

less than 1 minute read

The book is “advance” in the way that is written. It is complex to follow, and some of the chapters look out of place. Throughout the book, they base their e...

Erin Macdonald, The Science of Sci-Fi

less than 1 minute read

Erin Macdonald, “The Science of Sci-Fi” This is a cool book. Despite that I like physics, I am far from being an expert or having deep knowledge of the subje...