DayOne as GTD Inbox

3 minute read

I’ll explain a scenario that allows you to use your journal as your GTD input system.

Book reading on 2021 and planning for 2022

2 minute read

Last year was excellent in terms of reading. I did manage to go beyond my initial challenge, and I read many different books. But my most significant achieve...

Work daily log

10 minute read

On how to be consistent in your work and do not ever forget any of the basic actions you know you have to do every day. How? Keep reading.

On reading books

5 minute read

I have been reading my whole life, but not like now. Before, I read a few books a year, no more than two novels and a technical book. But around six years ag...


3 minute read

Some days a good colleague of mine asked me something like: “How do you manage to do all those things?” and that got me thinking. I do not do many things. In...

Daniel H. Pink, Drive (★★★☆☆)

less than 1 minute read

This is the second time I read this book. Like this first time, I did enjoy the book, but it brings nothing new or helpful. I did not take any notes or gain ...

Piano Challenge, May

less than 1 minute read

“Jose, you are doing a great job working every day from 7 to 8 AM at the piano. \o/”

Jason Fung, The Complete Guide to Fasting

1 minute read

I have been doing intermittent fasting for more than two years already, but I never did more than 24 hours. I was Ok doing between 16 to 18 hours every day. ...

Piano Challenge, April

less than 1 minute read

This month I decided that I will be making a trophy per month. That means that finishing the whole Piano Marvel method and technique will take me a year more...

Eric Barker, Barking up the wrong tree

less than 1 minute read

It is a lovely read, with a caveat: it is way too packed. It feels like a summary of the other many books that I have read. It doesn’t focus on addressing a ...

Piano challenge, January

less than 1 minute read

So far, so good. I did manage to put in more than 1500 minutes into Piano Marvel and quickly advance on the easy levels. I finish levels one and two and star...

About deliberate practice

3 minute read

As professionals, we are all day practicing our skills. We work with the intent of solving issues and design solutions, and we slowly become better at it. If...

Recording a video journal

2 minute read

Having a physical and digital Journal is lovely. Complementing it with audio recordings was even better. But two years ago, I thought that I could go beyond ...

Recording an audio journal

4 minute read

I do like to write in my journal how I explained in a previous entry, but I also enjoy talking a lot. When I’m in my office alone, I speak aloud to my self r...

Read, read and read a bit more

2 minute read

If there is something that changed my life in the last years is reading. Some years ago, I notice that something was missing. I was not sure what was it, but...