Wendy Mogel, Voice Lessons for Parents

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Lately, I have been reading a lot about parents and kids. At the moment, I have a teenage daughter and a 9-year-old son. And I want to have as much information as possible on how to raise them happily.

I have listened to many parents saying that kids do not come with a “user manual.” Now I know that that sentence is wrong. There are plenty of books that help on correcting the many biases we parents have. This one is probably the most useful, or practical, of those books. There is plenty of theory, but there is a lot of practical advice.

I like the fact that it is divided into girls and boys. I have both, and they are very different not only because they are different persons but because of their gender. It is surprising how the author describes my kinds when she suggests on what to expect from every gender.

I fully recommend this book.

[1] Voice Lessons for Parents on GoodReads