What about a new blog?

1 minute read

Tumblr works quite well, but being a developer, I found a major problem with it: I can not have a proper copy and history of my text files. Not only the blog but all the pages in the site. Looking for a solution to that I found a Python script that backs up my blog, but it is was just a temporary solution since I do not like the result.

To fix that problem, I was is making all my writing in my knowledge base and paste it in Tumblr later. This way all my writing were in the same place and under my management process (backup in strategic locations, naming and storage process,…). I did not enjoy that experience and started to look for a solution.

Everything that I write is in Markdown since I discovered it around 2008 (before it was in Textile), not only my Blog but all my notes as well. So I found a static site generator from Markdown quite natural. I look around and since I’m a Rubyist Jekyll seemed like an excellent fit.

I’ll keep my old blog alive for now, and I’ll be migrating some of the stuff in there now and then.