Mixtape 2022-02

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This month the result is really a “Mix”. I do include things that I did enjoy over the month so that the result can be bizarre, like this month. From classical, K-Pop or math rock, everything can go in! It is probably the result that this month was a bit hectic. In any case, I keep discovering and rediscovering music, and that was the goal from the beginning.

“It’s Yours” but David Kitt

Thanks to my colleague Stephen Roberts I do know David Kitt. He took me to one of his concerts, and I have a sweet memory of that event. It was a small venue, and only a few people gathered there for the show. David’s music is great to relax and chilling out.

“My Little Wish” by toe

And more math rock from Tokyo! The second time that toe enters on a mixtape. There are many tunes from that band that resonates with me. In this one, I love the drums and how the two guitars cross each other with clearly distinct sounds. I would like to have a band to play this kind of song.

“Kyoto Dgashiya Sensoy” by Mikito P

I do not know much about Mikito P. To be honest, I’m still getting used to listening to lyrics in Japanese, but I like what I hear very much. I do not hear anything fancy here, just a lovely song with all ingredients in place.

“Killing Me” by CHUNG HA

Yes, K-Pop. Not a “keypopper” myself (my daughter is), but I’m always amazed about the quality of the production of those artists. This song is just high-quality POP with impeccable voices. It makes me want to dance every time I hear it, so here it goes!

“Connect” by Steven Gutheinz

Did I tell you that I love piano music! I’m planning to have a mixtape edition just for that! Anyway, this is a sample of minimalistic music done at the piano. I can just say that is beautiful. Mister Gutheinz did participate in a ton of Movies Soundtracks.

“Impossible Germany” by Wilco

This month’s classic goes to Wilco’s Impossible Germany. I did read somewhere that the solo in this song was entirely improvised. That sounds like a great story, but the fact is that the solo is beautiful. I had the opportunity to hear them live some years ago at the Vida Festival. In that opportunity, the solo was completely different, so maybe they improvised it every single time.

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