Mixtape 2022-06

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This post includes an audio version. If you prefer that you can listen here or on the JAL Audioblog Podcast

Curiously, every month ends up being completely different. June has been a terrible month. The end of school and the extracurricular activities have made the month full every day, including weekends. That, of course, doesn’t allow space for doing anything else. Not even think about side projects or studies. As a result, I didn’t have time to discover any music, but after chatting with some friends, I did learn about exciting bands.

Also, at the end of the month, we have the Vida festival. In fact, I’m writing this while having a rest in a dark zone during the festival itself. My approach to this music festival will change for next year, but up to now, I came here knowing nothing about the bands. So, during the three days of shows, there is always something to discover.

In the end, I’m happy with the new mixtape. Here we go!

“Timing” by Alisa Amador

I guess you know NPR Tiny desk concerts. I watch them now and then, and in June, I did enjoy the one from Alisa Amador. Her life voice is a delight, and I could say that I like her more life than in her records.

“Canvis” by Intana

Direct from Vida Festival. But, not really a discovery since I listen to them in previous editions of the festival. I was delighted to discover how they have evolved and grown. The singer’s voice is also fantastic, so relaxing and mysterious simultaneously. Also, another language joins the mixtape. She sings in Catalan!

book cover

“See you again” by Carlota Flâneur

This was a discovery. I went to my favourite stage at the festival, and I found a small girl with orange hair, having so much fun while singing and playing a yellow guitar. Her show was fantastic, and I have been listening to her music non-stop.

book cover

“The Walls are coming down” by Fanfarlo

My good friend Joan Ruiz show me this band. Thanks mate! I’m still discovering, but this song caught my attention instantly. You can hear all kinds of instruments there, like a violin, an acoustic guitar and a trumpet. One of the things I like is how nicely you can differentiate the instruments. It is pure music.

“New World” by Special Others

Oh yeah! A new single from one of my favourite bands: Special Others. I couldn’t resist adding this fantastic tune to the mixtape. The starting on the song and the first improvisations are good. But it grows and grows. I love the music that these four musicians create. I would like to listen to them live, but it looks like they do not go out of Japan.

“Can’t Stop” by RHCP

The best thing that happened to me in June was to join my friend Stephen Roberts and Laia at the RHCP Concert in Barcelona. It was one of the best concerts I have attended. I get chills thinking about it. I decided to include my favourite song from the band and the one they used as the first song at that show.

And that is all!

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See you next months!