Marathon training: Week 1/18

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Yes, it will happen. I’m training for a marathon, crazy, right? I wanted to do that for a long time, but I never found the strength to do it. But, enough is enough. I will do it, well, at least I will try. Of course, I’m not prepared for a long-distance run, so I’ll need to train hard.

The first step was to find a training plan that I felt comfortable with. I read the Hal Higdon book “Run Fast” some years ago. I loved the book and noticed that he has a website with training plans for many different races. After some investigation, I chose the “Novice 2” program because it starts similar to what I have been doing lately. It is based on four runs a week with short runs and one long run on Saturdays. It feels feasible.

Since I already had a severe knee injury, I know there is a high risk of hurting myself and aborting the plan. I turned my meniscus five years ago, but I have noticed nothing since I switched to barefoot running. So, it will be an interesting test.

So, I have a plan and the internal motivation needed. I can wait to see the result.

The Goal

The goal is no more than finishing a Marathon. But I like to be specific, so I set a more explicit goal. My target pace is 5 minutes per Km. That is a bit slower than my regular short run pace (around 4,5 min/Km), but I think it is more realistic for a long run. That will take me roughly 3 hours and 25 minutes to finish the 41 Km of the race, and It feels like a lot of time running!

The plan is 18 weeks long. So I should be ready around mid-November. It will then be possible to run the San Sebastian or Valencia races.

Week 1/18

I started the training last week, and it went pretty well. I went out 5 days instead of 4, but even more important, I was feeling quite well on the long 12 Km run:

This was the plan:

The plan from Higdon site

And what I did (From “”)

The summary fron Runalyze

I call this a good start!

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