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New running tool, the Altra Escalante

3 minute read

If you haven’t read any of my previous posts about running, you might not know that I have run exclusively with Vibram 5 Fingers (V5F) since September 2017. ...

The secret of learning a new language

11 minute read

A note of warning. The method I describe here might not be for everybody or every language. I decided to explain it here because it works with the kind of...

The Jazz Standards Book

2 minute read

I’ll explain it here quickly if you do not know what Jazz Standards (JS) are. If you do, you can skip this paragraph. JS are music compositions that the Jazz...

2022 goals

3 minute read

I like to plan a bit the personal goals for the year. It is more a guide than a plan, meaning if I do not achieve some topics, I won’t feel bad. But, since a...

Software as specification

9 minute read

In my 20+ years of career, I did work with many companies, and almost everyone had different ways to handle specifications.